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Rejuvenation Packages
Rejuvenation Packages:
Choose the Package that best fits you!

Thorough Cleaning with no frills, great for regular maintenance!
  • Pre-treat tile and grout using our special chemicals
  • High pressure and steam cleaning will sanitize and make your floors look like new (or better than new)
  • Extract Embedded soil and contaminants
  • Neutralize and dry surfaces

Our most popular package!
  • Standard service package PLUS:
  • PREMIUM tile and grout sealer (Protects surfaces from most oil and water spills and stains)
  • 1 year stain warranty

The most complete way to care for your Tile & Grout!
  • Includes complete Deluxe package PLUS:
  • Our Top of the Line Sealer
  • 1 Year Stain Guarantee on Sealer
  • 1 Gallon ASRP Floor Cleaner
  • Standard Service Package Cleaning in   6-12 months (Free)

Change your Grout Color
  • Complete Standard Service Package PLUS:
  • Re-Coloring of grout lines to any color of your choice. *upon availability*
  • Changes the look of your floors and hides existing permanent staining and discolorations while adding stain resistance.

Shower Restoration
Bring life back into your old Shower/Tub
  • Deep cleaning of your shower/tub
  • Grout touch up
  • Re-Caulking
  • Sealing

Ozone Treatment
Kill Odors, Pests & Germs
  • Great for homes, vehicles and businesses
  • Destroys:
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Pests
  • Odors
  • Kills Ticks and Bedbugs on 1st application!

As always, All Surface Rejuvenations Plus ALWAYS offers
 estimates to help you choose what type of package or cleaning is right for your situation! Give us a call now to schedule: