Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to Florida. Our floors are different than back home. How can I learn how to maintain my floors?

We will be happy to teach you the correct way to maintain your floors for FREE!

I just paid someone to clean and seal my floor tiles, but it still looks dirty. They said it can’t be cleaned, is this true?

It may be the best they can do with the tools and experience they have. We invest in the most effective truck-mounted, high pressure steam cleaning tools available, so we can most likely clean it to your satisfaction. If you have a tile that was never installed. We fix many, many jobs like this, so don’t worry. Call and set up a free estimate.

If I just had my carpets steam cleaned, should I open my windows to help dry the carpet?

Absolutely NOT. The best thing you can do is close up your house and turn on your a/c. That is unless you want foggy windows and wet carpets for days.

Are all floor care companies the same? Shouldn’t I go with the cheapest quote?

Each company has different methods of training, quality of equipment, reputation, and customer satisfaction. It’s always important to do your due diligence prior to hiring a service provider.

What do I use to clean the various surfaces in my home/business?

We offer many surface specific solutions. Click on the cleaners tab to the left for details or come visit our store.

My pet had an accident. I can’t get the urine smell out. What do I do?

We recommend PP Eliminator. It is full of bacteria eating enzymes (about 200 billion enzymes per gallon) that destroy, not hide, the foul odor.

Why is it important to have my tile and grout floor sealed?

Sealing your tile and grout floor (counters and walls) is the only way to protect your investment from water-based and oil-based stains. A sealer prevents a spill from penetrating into the porous surface of the grout, and gives you time to clean it up. And clean-ups are a snap! Simply blot fresh spills with a clean cloth or paper towel. The seal continues to protect, even after repeated cleanings
(use ASRP’s Daily Tile and Grout Cleaner).

Does the grout sealer keep my grout clean?

The sealer we use is a high quality penetrating sealer. It penetrates deep into the pores and fills the pores so stuff that is spilled on the grout will remain on the top, to be easily wiped away. Like a wax on an automotive clear coat, the sealer will not prevent dirt buildup and spills, it does make it much easier to clean and maintain. Use ASRP’s Daily Tile and Grout cleaner for superior cleaning results.

How does a sealer protect my floor?

Our high-quality penetrating sealer is absorbed by the pores of the natural stone or grout. It fills up the “nooks and crannies” so that wet stains cannot get below the surface and soil sits on the surface until it is swept or wiped away.

Why is it necessary for a professional to apply sealer? Can’t I do it myself?

Our professionals have the training, experience, tools, and a wide variety of sealers for all types of natural stone, tiles, and grout. Professional cleaning ensures proper surface preparation, which is important for sealer adhesion and effectiveness. Professional application ensures complete protection for the entire surface of the floor. Improper sealing can leave a sticky residue on the surface of the floor that is diffcult, if not impossible, to remove.

What do sealers protect against?

A penetrating sealer repels water-based and oil-based liquids, prevents stains caused by food, beverages, dirt and impurities as well as keeping dirty mop water on the surface, instead of soaking into the grout.

Does a sealer alter the appearance of a tile & grout floor?

Some do. Our grout sealer protects without changing the original color, texture, feel, or appearance of the surface. However, we also offer color-enhancing wet-look sealers for natural stone, marble, granite, limestone, and masonry surfaces.

Is a sealer expensive?

Our sealing programs are affordably priced, and can SAVE you money in cleaning and replacement costs.

Do you have different sealers to choose from?

Yes. We have various sealers, designed for a variety of surfaces and conditions. Some sealers are designed for interior use only others for exterior use. Some protect against water only, others against oil and water. And some are designed specifically for floors with high porosity, such as limestone, slate, brick and concrete. Our professionals will help you select the most suitable sealer.

How should I maintain my sealed floor?

The grout manufacturers recommend a neutral cleaner for daily cleaning. ASRP’s Daily Tile and Grout Cleaner is a neutral cleaner that we use on every hard floor we clean. Click on the cleaners tab for more info. It is important to use the correct cleaning solution, as the wrong type can actually break down the sealer and render it useless.

Is it important to measure how much cleaning solution I mix with water?

Yes, its very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Many people make the mistake of using too much cleaner, which will leave a hard to remove residue.

Will my floor ever have to be professionally cleaned and sealed again?

Yes. We can provide periodic maintenance cleaning and re-sealing to keep your floors in top condition. The frequency will depend on the amount of traffic on them, frequency of spills etc. Sealers make maintaining your floors much easier and more effective, yet not maintenance free.

My paver or painted driveway’s clear coat is worn, yellowed, cracked, milky looking etc. Do I need to replace it?

Replacement is not likely. ASRP can safely remove defective or worn clear coats, then apply a superior exterior clear coat. Many of our customers tell us our finished products looks better than when it was brand new. Click on the pictures tab to the left to see our work.

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