Are you tired of fighting your Shower?

Let us show you an easier way.  We will inspect the shower to be sure the correct materials were used in the shower.  Using incorrect caulk and sealers will make it nearly impossible to clean.  Special materials are needed in wet areas.

What steps do All Surface Rejuvenations Plus perform to make my shower look new (or better) again?

  1. We spray a solution on the shower to help break up soap, minerals, etc.
  2. We use power tools to scrub the tile walls and floors.
  3. We remove all failed caulking
  4. We high pressure steam clean tile walls and floors.  We use up to 2500 psi and 300 degrees.
  5. We touch up grout, fill cracks and holes, remove excess glue and thin set.  We use real, cement-based grout.  Premixed grout is barely good enough for a temporary repair.
  6. We Caulk all corners.  Any place tile meets tile must be caulked.  A lot of installers cheat and use grout instead.  Grout will crack, as it is not flexible.  Caulk stay flexible, and our caulk has a mold inhibitor to keep mold out.
  7. Finally, we seal the grout with a solvent based penetrating sealer.  This will help prevent mold growth.


  1. Rinse your shower after each and every shower. If any soap or shampoo is allowed to dry on the tile, you will need to scrub and use chemicals to remove the scum. If you simply have a shower head attached to a hose (found anywhere showerheads are sold), rinse off all soap and shampoo that was flung on the walls, door, floor, glass, curtain, everything. You thoroughly rinse all the soap and shampoo off yourself, right? It would be gross if you didn’t, same goes for your shower.
  2. Avoid daily shower sprays. They are a huge waste of money. They do not thoroughly rinse your shower walls and floors.
    Do not wait until you see mold before using shower cleaners with bleach. Even if your shower looks spotless, spray a 10% bleach solution over the entire shower, let sit 15 minutes, then thoroughly rinse. Be sure area is well ventilated. Too strong of a bleach solution will pre-maturely break down materials in the shower.
  3. Caulking is not easy. Prep for caulking is not easy either. A good caulk job is important to ensure water resistance. Most of the time, caulking is best left to the pros.
  4. Grout colorants (or stains) and pre-mixed grouts, are not designed for wet areas.
    Do Not pay contractors for incomplete jobs. Pay when you are pleased with the job.