Carpet Cleaning & Power Stretching

Don’t be fooled by all the ads claiming to be able to clean a whole house of carpet for $99. Want to know WHY they can do that? Because they use age old machines, that have no power and they leave behind all the water and shampoo on your carpet, so less work for them. More work (and nasty odors left behind) for you.

When your ready for someone to come in and fix the $99 mess… CALL US! Better yet, go ahead and call us first so you don’t waste $99 to begin with.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Why choose our Carpet Cleaning Service

We use high power, truck mounted equipment. What does that mean? MORE POWER! We are able to clean your floors better, deeper down getting up all the dirt and stains, we are able to rinse the cleaning agents from the carpet, (would you walk out of the shower with shampoo still in your hair?) and with our powerful equipment we are able to remove the excess water and help speed up the drying process on your carpets to prevent that moldy mildew smell most “carpet cleaners” leave behind.

If your carpet has wrinkles in it that seem to have just appeared over time, that’s no problem either. Most companies with come in with a small hand device and hammer and basically beat the carpet back where it goes… (Sure hope they don’t miss and knock a hold in the wall, but I’m sure they have extra fees to fix that too right?). Once again we use new more powerful equipment as you can see in our photos. Instead of beating your carpets and hoping not to miss with a hammer, we allow our machine that can easily tuck your carpets back in tight, do the work, without worry of anything being damaged. A person will not be able to push your carpets back in as tight as we can, which means within a few years, if not sooner, you will be calling to have it done again! Save your self some money by having it done right the first time!


If your carpet has wrinkles that seem to have just appeared over time or after steam cleaning, that’s no problem.  We can powerstretch your carpet very tight to eliminate all wrinkles and guarantee (for the life of the carpet) that it will never wrinkle again.  Most companies do not powerstretch the carpet, they just use a knee kicker to kick the carpet back where it goes.  A person cannot use a knee kicker to stretch your carpet as tight as a powerstretcher can.  Save yourself some money by having it done right the first time!

Before Powerstretching

After Powerstretching

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