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Marble floors are very popular in residential and well as commercial properties, installations of marble are commonly found in entry ways, fireplace surrounds as well as kitchen countertops.

Without using the proper techniques and cleaning products your marble flooring can be subject to scratches, staining and other damages. But with the proper care and attention, marble can last a lifetime, but without cleaning marble can lose its beautifully polished appearance.

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Marble is cut to reflect light and give off an incredible shine, but over time marble can lose its shine due to dirt, dust and grit being trodden into the flooring. As calcium is calcium based it is susceptible to acid staining which can leave behind a lasting mark, certain fruit juices can obtain enough acidity to stain without the proper treatment.

All Surface Rejuvenations Plus has the equipment, skills and experience to clean your marble flooring and bring it back to its original condition by removing any stains without causing any damage.

Depending on the finish you want to achieve with your marble, we can either hone or polish the marble. Honing leaves your marble with a satin smooth finish with minimal reflection. A polished finish is high glossy which reflects light and emphasizes the colors and markings of the marble.

How to clean your marble floor

  1. First start by using a dry mop or vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and dust on the floor
  2. Prepare your marble cleaning solution as directed on the bottle, this is generally diluted with water. Make sure that you only use a marble cleaner, as any other cleaner can contain chemicals that can discolor and damage your flooring
  3. Use a microfiber cloth, mop, sponge or a soft brush to clean the floor
  4. Once the floor has been cleaned rinse thoroughly with clean water
  5. You can then let the marble floor to dry or use towels to speed up the process

Once your floor is cleaned and dry, you can apply a marble impregnating sealer to protect the finish. Each sealer is different so follow the instructions provided.

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Marble Floor Cleaning FAQs

Is steam cleaning safe for marble floors?

Steam cleaning your marble floor with industrial heavy-duty steam cleaners may seem like the best approach, but over time the surface will start to degrade and the steam will cause the marble to expand. If there are any fillers, the steam can dislodge them leaving holes in the marble.

As the temperature of home steamers does not reach the temperature as more heavy-duty cleaners they are safe to use on your marble flooring.

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