Paver & Patio Cleaning Services

When it comes to Bricks, Pavers, Pool Decks and Patios, ASRP can handle it all!

Patio Pavers have a tendency to hold onto dirt, grime, algae and mud. Garden hoses and traditional pressure washers don’t bring the surface back to it’s former glory, and that is where ASRP can help.

 Not only can we clean your patio paver, but also add a sealant to keep it looking clean and vibrant.

Patio and Paving Cleaning

Bricks & Pavers

Your bricks and pavers may look old, weathered, dull and the color may even be fading. No worries, ASRP can bring your old bricks and pavers back to life again. Having to replace the old ones can get very expensive, very fast! ASRP uses a High Pressure Steam Cleaning process that will blast away dirt, mold, and mildew. We also have professionally trained employees who can remove failed sealers. After removing what’s old and dull and making sure they are completely clean, we can then apply our solvent based, color enhancing, penetrating sealer to keep your bricks and pavers looking clean and vibrant. With clear coats and colored coats, you can customize your driveways, walkways, patios, around your pools and anywhere else you have bricks and pavers.

Pool & Spa Decks

With the correct tools and proper training, we are able to clean in areas others cannot. Pool and spa areas don’t always get the proper care they deserve for fear of the mess that would be left behind. With ASRP, mess is not a concern. Our tools and training give us the ability to get your tile, deck, pavers and other surfaces surrounding your pool and spa, sparkling clean with no mess left behind!

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