Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

At All Surface Rejuvenations Plus we understand how difficult it can be to clean grout lines and bring your tiled floor back to and almost brand new look. It isn’t that you are not cleaning your floor correctly or often enough, it is due to ground in dirt that can build up over time. Before you replace your tiled flooring, call us and we will show you for FREE just how good we can make it look!

We perform a 4 step process to rejuvenate your tiled surfaces which not only restores your floors to their original beauty, it also guards your grout from staining and discoloring.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Porcelain, Marble, Ceramic and Stone Tiles

Different types of tiles require different cleaning methods. Tiles such as porcelain and ceramic are less prone to scratching and do not show damage as much as other tiles. With these types of tiles, you can clean them with brushes and mops as well as strong chemical cleaners.

Tiles such as stone or marble are less resilient and scratches are more visible and prominent, so an alternative approach is used to cleaning. Softer cleaning brushes are used along with cleaning solutions with a unique pH balance. This helps to keep the tiles in pristine condition.

4 Step Tile Cleaning Process

Step 1

A cleaning solution is applied to the tile and grout lines and allowed to dwell for 20 minutes

Step 2

We thoroughly wash, and extract the dirt, oils and dirt out of the pores of the grout and tiles

Step 3

Next we dry the floor using high speed air movers which takes approximately 10-30 minutes

Step 4

After a consultation with us, you can choose to either seal or re-color the grout

Struggling to maintain your tile and grout?
Renovating and wondering if you can save the tile floors?
Installing new tile and grout and want it to stay looking new?
Having a hard time selling or renting due to dirty floors?
Disgusted with your kitchen and bathrooms?

We can restore your floors to like new, then teach you how to maintain them.

Tile Cleaning FAQs

How do we get your tiles so clean?
We use Truck-mounted equipment to high pressure steam clean tile & grout (up to 2500psi & 300 degrees). Even though we are cleaning with water under pressure, your grout will not be damaged or warped in any way.
Will having our tiles cleaned disrupt our business?
We can work around your business hours and undertake our cleaning services outside of your normal working hours. In the past we have cleaned an entire car dealership overnight and the business closed and reopened without any disruption.
Can I walk over the tile when you are finished?
Once we have cleaned the tiles and removed all the dirt and residue buildup on the grout, all the water is then vacuumed into a tank on our truck. There may be a small amount of moisture left behind, but you will be able to walk on the floor within an hour.
What can cause the buildup of dirt on my tiles?
The buildup of dirt can be caused by various factors, it could be that you are mopping your floor with a high alkaline cleaner without rinsing with fresh water after. It could also be body oils or a build up of minerals. Pool chemicals and minerals on tiles around a pool can cause dirt and grime to build up on the tiles, traditional cleaning does not lift all the dirt and that’s where ASRP can help.
Can you clean greasy kitchen tiles?
If you are not using the correct cleaners, grease and other kitchen dirt can build up quickly and spread around the floor. With our high pressure cleaners we can cut right through the buildup and get your floor back to its original look.
Are you insured to carry out commercial cleaning?
We do have the required insurance to carry out cleaning for large scale companies such as chain restaurants, hotels, management companies, hospitals and more.
How can I check if my tiles are dirty?
You might think that your floor tiles are clean, but a good way to check is to place a spare tile on top of the existing tiling and compare the difference. If the tiles are not the same color then it is dirty.

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