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Travertine Floor Cleaning

Has your travertine flooring lost its shine? Over time your travertine flooring can become dirty and dull as well as lose the look of natural stone. All Surface Rejuvenations Plus can clean your Travertine flooring back to its original condition, using the right industrial equipment and cleaning solutions.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Travertine Restoration

As well as becoming dull and dirty, Travertine can develop holes and cracks for debris to collect over time. As part of the restoration process, All Surface Rejuvenations Plus can clean and restore Travertine flooring to either a matt or high shine polished finish, while still maintaining the natural beauty of the stone. 

Travertine Coating Removal

Travertine can sometimes be sealed with a wax coating, you could try and remove this yourself. But using a cleaning solution that is too acidic could potentially stain and discolor the stone, leaving unsightly stains.

Travertine Grout Recoloring

All Surface Rejuvenations Plus offer a range of different colors to best suit your home or business. Our Travertine grout recoloring service is ideal if you want to replace grout that has aged and become dirty over time, or to emphasize your tile and grout.

3 Step Cleaning Process

Step 1

We inspect the flooring which allows us to identify any cracked grout or loose filler that may cause further issues once cleaning has finished

Step 2

The floor is then pre-treated with a specialised detergent, this will emulsify and separate any dirt and water residue, allowing for a deeper clean.

Step 3

Next we use a pressurised steam cleaner to remove any dirt from the Travertine, any dirty water is sucked away into our water tanks, this leaves the floor mostly dry

Travertine FAQs

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a naturally formed stone that is formed in hot springs and limestone caves. Travertine is any natural stone, such as granite or marble, once it hardens an extremely durable stone is created, called Travertine.

How do I maintain my Travertine floor once it has been cleaned?

Our advice would be to not use any chemicals on your Travertine floor as it can stain or alter the color of the Travertine.

  • Start by regularly sweeping the floor preferably with a microfiber mop to clear any dirt or debris
  • Mop the floor with a damp mop (any excess water can filter through the porous surface) using a mild neutral ph soap and water, then mop again with clean water
  • For any deep cleaning we advise using a steam cleaner, making sure that any residual water on the floor is dried afterwards

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