Wood Floor Cleaning

All Surface Rejuvenations Plus are the experts when it comes to cleaning and maintaining hardwood and laminate flooring. Our cleaning and finish service can help you to maintain that like new look and feel in any residential or commercial property.

Dirt and debris can become embedded in your wood flooring and over time and start to erode the flooring. Our cleaning service can help to prevent this from happening, and also give you a streak free like new look, or it’s FREE!

Wood Floor Cleaning Services

4 Step Tile Cleaning Process

Step 1

A cleaning solution is applied to the tile and grout lines and allowed to dwell for 20 minutes

Step 2

We thoroughly wash, and extract the dirt, oils and dirt out of the pores of the grout and tiles

Step 3

Next we dry the floor using high speed air movers which takes approximately 10-30 minutes

Step 4

After a consultation with us, you can choose to either seal or re-color the grout

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