“By shear luck, we fell in touch with the capable and professional people at All Surface Rejuvenation Plus, and have never looked back in regret since. Not only did All Surface Rejuvenation Plus fix the tile and re-grout both baths, but they also gave me two excellent tile cleaning/maintenance products for upkeep that they personally make and market.  I consider it no longer possible to live without these cleaners once you’ve used them, you’ll understand why. You simple spray, lightly, whisk over the area with a large soft brush and –Poof!1–your tile is as clean as the day they arrived and cleaned it originally. Amazing. This statement is not just a bunch of verbiage meant to put you in touch with just another area tile cleaner. These are the words that will set you free from ever having to try and find someone or something to take care and maintain your tile challenges ever again (P.S.: They also clean carpets and more :). Thanks Guys at All Surface! Your job and products have made me proud to show my once sad little baths off to anyone who stops by my home. They truly shine, as does your professionalism and good Attitude.”
Roberta and Joseph

Palm Cay Development

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